Strategic Partnerships Group


Connecting IT professionals who focus on partnerships, sourcing, vendor management and alignment

The Strategic Partnerships Group (SPG) is a professional development group designed especially for those IT leaders with positions focusing on partnerships and relationships - from sourcing to vendor management to commodities. It exists to generate ideas and best sourcing practices to facilitate the managing of both internal and external stakeholders through Sourcing decisions. Meetings take place in a roundtable approach, allowing group members to discuss challenges and much more. These ideas will be used to position Sourcing Professionals to achieve increased benefits in the areas of total cost improvement and strategic alignment across various IT relationships.   

Some topics of specific and relevant interest to this group include Buy-in from Stakeholder Partnerships, VMO Metrics, Strategic Vendors and the Ongoing IT Planning Process, Sourcing/Purchasing, Challenges around Vendor Engagement, and Internal Challenges.

Through these discussions, the hope is for SPG members to strategically involve all external and internal resources in developing the best strategic solutions for their business. It will be a place for members to share information and learn!

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"Think IT has impacted my career by revealing just how universal issues can be. Chances are great that someone else already has been there, done that, and has the t-shirt to prove it. This reinforces that solutions often already exist...they may simply need to be refreshed or customized. This can drive efficiency and consistency in how to approach achieving goals."

Christi Sasso
IT Strategic Planning Analyst
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota

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