Opportunity Management Group


A group designed for IT leaders to manage and evaluate professional opportunities that come their way

Our Opportunity Management Group (OMG) is designed to provide higher value to both Sr. IT Executives that are hiring as well as IT leaders that are in transition or currently employed and looking. Meetings take place in a roundtable approach, allowing for all group members to discuss emerging trends, best practices, current challenges, and collaborate on finding the most efficient solutions.

Some topics of specific interest and relevance to this group include: Spotlights on Local Companies and Their Current Opportunities, Panels to Discuss the Hot Topics in IT, Opportunity, Not Calamity: How to Keep your Personal Motivation Going While in Transition  and The Art of Selling Yourself.

Through these discussions, OMG members will gain new connections, learn of potential opportunities, and gain a more comprehensive understanding of navigating through periods of transition and job search. The roundtable discussion format is designed to foster agility and assist in achieving the ultimate goal: Bridging the gap between those seeking new opportunities and the companies who have them

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"Professionally, what I think has really been helpful for me is the amount of tips and learning that have come from the collective wisdom of a lot of the IT leaders that I’ve found can be applied directly."

Rahoul Ghose

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