IT Leadership


A place to meet and share ideas with influential IT Managers, Directors, and Vice Presidents

Our IT Leadership (ITL) group is a professional development group that caters directly to those in current Vice President, IT Director, or IT Manager positions. Meetings take place in a roundtable approach, allowing for all group members to discuss emerging trends, best practices, current industry challenges, and collaborate on finding the most efficient solutions.

Some topics of specific interest and relevance to this group include Business-led IT and the Future of the IT Organization, Embracing Accountability and Driving Results, How to Manage a Change in Leadership, and Building and Sustaining Innovative Organizations, Cultures, and Best Practices.

Through these discussions, group members will gain a more comprehensive understanding of best practices and “real-time” issues. The roundtable discussion format is designed to foster agility and assist in the achieving the ultimate goal: Helping IT Managers, Directors, and Vice Presidents achieve the goals most salient to their positions. Conversations stemming from these and similar roundtable topics are developed to bring new ideas and strengthen traditional processes.

For leaders who are currently in transition, we initially suggest our Opportunity Management Group (OMG) which is designed for IT leaders who are currently looking for employment and those who are looking to hire.

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"This organization is very passionate about sharing and collaborating- it is very much an ongoing process than a one-time event."

Mike Musto
Merrill Corporation
SVP - Global Enterprise Technology

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