Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of Think IT?
At York, we believe that we can have an impact on the lives, career, and future development of the IT community. We do this by working with IT professionals to understand how we can help you achieve your goals whether they’re personal or professional. The purpose of Think IT is to foster professional growth and development for members of the IT community within the Minneapolis-St. Paul and Chicago areas.

2. What is the cost to join?
There is no cost to joining Think IT and we do not charge to attend meetings! Our only program that charges an actual fee is the Link to Leadership program for which the net proceeds are donated to Genesys Works-Twin Cities.

3. Do members have any obligations (attending a certain number of meetings, etc.)?
Nope! However, we like to say that while there is no cost, it’s not “free”. We do not require members to attend meetings, pay a fee, or anything of this nature. However, the best way for this community to grow and continue to get better and better is through the active involvement of our members. So, we do encourage members to attend meetings, participate in our programs, and facilitate meetings.

4. Where is Think IT located?
Think IT is currently located exclusively in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul) and Chicagoland area.

5. Can I join Think IT if I am not located in the Minneapolis-St. Paul or Chicago areas?
Unfortunately, Think IT is not currently open to people outside of those areas. Our groups hold in-person meetings to discuss current topics and we do not offer webcasts at this time.

6. If I am a member, can I attend a meeting from a different group that I do not belong to?
That depends. If you fit within the criteria to join the group, sure! You should sign up for that particular group in order to be put on the list to receive the meeting invitations for that group. If you do not fit the criteria for the group, then the answer would unfortunately be no. Each group is designed to benefit people who fall within a certain set of criteria.

7. How do I sign up for a meeting?
At least 2 to 3 weeks prior to a meeting, we will send an email to you with an invitation to attend the meeting. The email will include the meeting details and a link to sign up. We also post the link to sign up for the meeting within that particular group on the website. Login to view the meetings pertaining to your groups.

8. When I sign up for a group, do I automatically become a member?
No, you do not. Each application is reviewed to see if your professional experience meets the criteria for the groups to which you are applying. Once your application has been reviewed, one of our representatives will reach out to you to schedule a time to meet in-person to further discuss Think IT and your goals for your membership!

9. Can I attend Think IT meetings if I am not a member?
No, sorry. But if you think your experience would make you a good fit for one or more of our groups, please fill out an application. Visit our home page to see all of our groups and click on a group for more information. 

10. Who can join the mentorship program?
Anyone who is currently a member of Think IT can participate in the mentorship program. You are free to participate in as many of our 4 different programs as your time allows. Just click on the Mentorship page to fill out an application and learn more about the program.

11. Can I use Think IT as a forum to sell my products or services?
No. We understand that business relationships may develop through the networking that occurs through Think IT. However, pushing products and services violates Think IT’s rules. Anyone who is found to be pushing their products or services on our members will be removed from our membership and will no longer be allowed to attend Think IT meetings.

12. What if my role changes and I would be considered a vendor or I no longer fall within the criteria for my group(s)?
We understand that the roles of our members will likely change throughout their careers. We periodically review our groups to ensure that all members still align with the criteria for that particular group and sometimes make adjustments as necessary. And, while we undoubtedly appreciate their support, members who move into a vendor role will, unfortunately, be removed from Think IT membership in order to maintain the consistency of our no-vendor policy.


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