Professional development exclusively for the most senior levels of IT leadership, including SVPs, CIOs and CTOs of large corporations

Our CIO group is a professional development group conceptualized, designed, facilitated, and attended by the highest levels of IT leadership. Meetings take place in a roundtable approach, allowing for all group members to discuss emerging trends, best practices, current industry challenges, and collaborate on finding the most efficient solutions.

Some topics of specific interest and relevance to this group include Shifting to a DevOps Mindset, Turning Data into Actionable Business Information, and Transforming IT to a New Technology Delivery Model.

The roundtable discussion format is designed to foster agility and assist in achieving the ultimate goal- assisting senior IT leaders to deliver better, faster, more cost effective solutions to their clients and to the marketplace. The majority of thought leadership in this group comes from the vast wealth of knowledge maintained by its members.

For senior leaders who are currently in transition, we initially suggest our Opportunity Management Group (OMG) which is designed for IT leaders who are currently looking for employment and those who are looking to hire.

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"I have been a member of the Think IT community of leaders almost since its inception. In my 30 years in IT, I have been involved in many different user groups and have found the Think IT groups to be one of, if not the very best group, I have been a part of! The talent in these groups is absolutely of the highest caliber. It is truly collaboration at its best."

Joe Topinka

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