September 19, 2017

CIO Meeting Recap: How’s Your IT Transformation Coming Along?

We are all faced with the challenge of change, now more than ever before, within the IT Desk - Unsplashcommunity. In order for change to be successful, people within our community need to change the way they think. As IT executives, how can we change the way people think? It all starts with “why”.

Simon Sinek once said, “People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.” People will begin to change the way they think once they start to understand why they do what they do.  

Aside from getting people within your organization to understand why you do something, the next step is getting everyone and everything to align. As mentioned in our Friday morning meeting, this is no easy task – some would compare it to one large chess game.

So, how do we overcome this massive chess game? One step that will prove to be helpful is to start by making incremental changes, such as breaking down a large project into products. A group-by-group basis for change, as well as small incremental strides, can lead to a different and more positive way of thinking.

Simon Sinek is a bright man, who not only helps us understand the why behind what we do, but he also teaches us about the value of a person. Far too often, individuals do not recognize the value they provide for their company. They need to understand that if “X” system is down, if affects the company on a much larger scale. These things go unrecognized because they don’t see the impact of what they are doing on a day-to-day basis. As senior IT leaders, it is our job to help these individuals recognize their value and importance as it pertains to the company.

Once you find someone who understands the value in what they are doing, they can share what they know with different business groups. Change is a process that will not happen overnight, no matter how hard you try. So, it is important to take the time to help people recognize the “why” and the value of their work.

Remember, the transformation journey isn’t easy and it won’t happen all at once. We all know and understand that change is inevitable, but growth – that’s intentional.

How is YOUR IT Transformation going?


*Photo by Mia Baker on Unsplash

Posted by: Anna Wischmann

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