June 11, 2018

IT Leadership Recap: How is your IT Department Dealing with the Challenge of Business Distributors

IMG 0875What does it mean to be a business disruptor? Business disruptors create a new market and value network that eventually disrupts the existing market and value network, displacing established market leading firms, products and alliances. Last Friday, we had a great discussion on how IT departments are dealing with these challenges. As always, thank you to Optum for hosting our IT Leadership meeting and a huge thank you to Marc Kermisch, VP and CIO at Red Wing Shoe Company for facilitating on the topic: How is your IT Department Dealing with the Challenges of Business Disruptors?  

Kermisch set the stage by defining the challenge that his organization is facing. The challenge they face as found on slide 7 is how to deliver business value and compete with disruptors with less than world class infrastructure. A challenge that many organizations are facing.  

Digital disruption has grown to be one of the most dominate challenges brought to the C-Suite table. Too many companies are creating a roadmap without understanding the disruptive dynamics that should be determining their strategies. Below are a few questions to consider when determining your organizations strategies as Kermish suggested: 

  • What is the future competitive state? 

  • How do we make money? 

  • How do we compete? 

A great discussion question that was brought up was how do you value and measure the effectiveness of plan? It might sound cliché but the first thing you have to do is visualize the work. This will set you up for success. Continue to visualize it as your plan continues to unfold. One of the main things they use to measure success is Team Foundation Servers which can be used for Waterfall or Agile methodologies.  

All in all, business disruptors are unavoidable. Each organization is facing them in one way or another. There are plenty of factors that go into dealing with these challenges. Anything from protecting your core values and applications, building API's with standards, having a basic architecture review board, making sure your work is fast but also accurate to having the finance department as your best partner.  

How is your organization dealing with business disruptors 

You can view Friday's IT Leadership slides here

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Posted by: Anna Wischmann

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