July 20, 2017

CIO Recap: Competing at Speed

Do you ever wonder how a smaller company can compete with everyone else? Change is inevitable within organizations and to stay competitive, you must be willing to face it head on. A big thanks to Marc Kermisch, CIO of Red Wing Shoe Company, for leading a discussion on The Art of Failing Fast at a Mid-Market Company at last Friday’s CIO meeting.The group had the chance to hear his story on how his mid-market company jumped the hurdles that change has to offer, and continued to succeed as a competitor.

So, what are some tactics that mid-market companies can implement, in order to stay competitive? Here are a few key points Marc Kermisch talked about that kept his company on everyone’s radar:

Line up your Leadership Roles

It is important that the leadership roles within your organization agree with each other. Far too often, leaders of an organization aren’t on the same page, thus, making it difficult for the organization to move forward and evolve.

Create a Collaborative Environment

Collaboration is one of the key ingredients to getting an organization to keep up with the big organizations. There are many ways that collaboration can be put to use. One thing that worked for Red Wing Shoe company was ‘big room planning’. This includes planning over a 6-8 week period and making goals and objectives clear to everyone.

Another great way to be sure your employees are collaborating is to host an innovation day. Here, teams can be creative, and learn new things.

Stay on Track

It’s easy to get pushed around and not stand your ground. It’s important that organizations set a track they want to take and don’t veer away from it. If you have a goal in mind, continue to strive for that goal without letting roadblocks get in the way.

The points above are just a few things that can help a mid-market organization move forward. However, for any of these things to work, you must stay curious. Curiosity sparks innovation and innovation is what continues to drive change. As mentioned in the meeting, it can start with you; you must be the change you want to see.

How does your organization use technology to remain competitive? 

Posted by: Anna Wischmann

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