December 1, 2015

Bringing in the New Year: A Look at the IT Worker of the Future

The holidays are here and as the New Year approaches it’s important to consider what the future for the IT professional looks like. Based on current trends and predictions for the year to come, what skills and qualities are in demand? Software and mobile app startups, the ongoing influence of analytics with consumer tracking and quality of service, disruptive technology and innovation, as well as big data and security advancements are just a few tech trends that are revolutionizing the IT industry. 

As the upcoming year nears, how can IT professionals differentiate themselves based upon the skills, qualities, and predictions for the IT industry to become the “IT worker of the future”? What will this IT worker of the future need in order to tackle challenges that the IT community is facing?

Workforce Trends

The demand for top skills and STEM education in 2016 will not come as a shock as increasing technology initiatives will rapidly influence the market. Freelance work will begin to flourish as connectivity and online businesses stretch to multiple platforms. And, as diversity becomes more prevalent in the workforce, we’ll also see changes in leadership. Women leaders will be on the rise, while Generation X and Y will continue to fill management roles.

The reliance on mobile and cloud-based devices (BYOD) will continue to increase as well, drastically changing the internet. “By 2019, machines will be 42% of the devices on the internet. This is the rise of the "Internet of Things" (Business Insider). Social media optimization, use of data analytics to measure KPIs, and mobile strategy are a few initiatives that will also continue contribute to organizational success.  

In Demand Skills

Cloud computing, data aggregation and digital marketing, data architecture, SAP, applications development, security, and PMO skills are just a few of the Hottest IT Skills for 2015 listed by CIO, and that is only the beginning. If you are looking to acquire the top skills that IT leaders, CIOs, and hiring managers are seeking, here is a list of the 15 Hottest IT jobs for 2016 by Information Week.  IT hiring in 2016 will continue to be competitive with a short supply of skilled/experienced IT professionals and an overflow of positions.

Non-Tech Skills

Sure, technology skills are in demand for specialized positions and the IT workforce, but that will not be the only thing that hiring managers are seeking. What will be a differentiator for 2016 and the years to come? Emotional intelligence and soft skills. IT professionals will see greater, long-term success by having great communication and problem-solving skills, along with being team-orientated, collaborative, and creative.

What are your thoughts on the IT worker of the future? How are things already changing?

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Posted by: Anastasia Hoosman

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