December 27, 2017

WIL Group Meeting Recap: Work/Life Balance - Do We Ever Achieve A Perfect Balance?

Work-Life BalanceHow can we attain work life balance in our lives? Be careful, if you type in "work life balance" into the Google search bar, 110 million results will pop up within half a second. Think of how many studies, opinions, presentations, and observations have been about work/life balance.

The topic of our Women in Leadership meeting last Thursday, now falls into that category. A huge thank you to Sara Boe, VP of IT at Jack Link’s, for facilitating our meeting on Work/Life Balance: Do We Ever Achieve A Perfect Balance?

As desirable as achieving perfect balance is, per our discussion, it is unattainable. By trying to attain perfect balance, we get this feeling of guilt because we’re not getting everything done. We restrict ourselves from improving or achieving greater opportunity.

Instead of shooting for something that is unattainable, take into consideration the five spheres of success. Work, health, interests, relationships, and spiritual are the five spheres of success. What matters most to you? It’s not a matter of choosing work over relationships and so forth, but rather connecting the five spheres of success and falling into your own pattern.

One of your co-workers may have children, and getting to their soccer games takes priority over getting an email out. On the other hand, another co-worker may have something going on in their life that they feel uncomfortable sharing. As leaders, you must set clear expectations with your team.

The greatest organizations are the ones that look at the five spheres of success and want to create an environment where their employees feel that they don’t need to choose between work and life. In order to accomplish everything off our to-do list, Sara suggested giving yourself time away from everything. Her motto is "one hour a day, one day a week, one week a year."

In Dan’s Ted Talk, which can also be found in the slides, he tells us that it’s better to live off balance and on purpose rather than living on balance. I’d like to leave you with a quote from the Ted Talk, that resonated with all of us. “Being off-balance is your reality, that’s a good thing. You have to be off-balance to learn, to grow, to love, serve others, and improve ourselves in any meaningful way.” - Dan Thurmon

What helps you juggle the five spheres of success? 

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Posted by: Anna Wischmann

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