August 2, 2017

Women in Leadership Meeting Recap: Unexpected Lessons in Leadership

Have you ever taken the chance to sit down and reflect on the leader you are and what has shaped you to be that leader? When you take the time to reflect on the experiences that have influenced your beliefs and your approach to leadership, what comes to mind? Is it work or life related experiences?

It may be surprising but both work and life experiences shape the person you are and how you show up and lead every day. Holly Lamond, IT Portfolio Solution Owner – Treasury at Cargill, shared last week her personal journey and the life experiences that have shaped her to be the leader she is today with the Women in Leadership group. It was a very reflective meeting and many members walked away with a new perspective on why they are the leader they are.    

At some point during your career, you may have seen “The Results Pyramid” which is a visual that explains how to effectively change the culture of an organization or a team. During the conversation on Friday, Holly used this model to demonstrate to the group how our personal experiences can affect the way we lead. As the group discussed, “Our experiences shape our beliefs, our beliefs drive our actions, and our actions produce results”. Each experience you have, whether in life or at work, will alter your beliefs which will, in turn, change how you act and ultimately produce different results. It is important to take the time and reflect on how your experiences are shaping you, and make sure that you are utilizing these experiences to produce positive results.  

According to Holly, there are 3 competencies of authentic leadership; presence, engagement, and wise action. How do you show up? Why do you show up? What do you do when you show up? Leading authentically will create trust with your team and is how Holly has been so successful in her current role. It was through a personal life experience that allowed her to realign with her core values and take a step back and reflect on the way she wants to lead. This unexpected personal lesson allowed Holly to became more mindful and aware of the shadow she is casting on others, greatly helping her become a stronger and better leader.

What unexpected leadership lessons have you learned over the course of your career?

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Posted by: Rachael Gaffney

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