April 9, 2018

IT Leadership Recap: Moments that Matter: Getting I.T. Right

040618 ITL Blog PostAre we on the right track? This may be the question you ask your colleagues when implementing a new idea within your organization. The world of IT is ever-changing and ideas for improvement are always flourishing. During last Friday's IT Leadership group meeting, Kim Kettler - Global IT Leader at Cargill facilitated a discussion on the topic Moments that Matter: Getting I.T. Right.  

Kettler shared what Cargill has recently done to improve their organization as a whole. They have taken a focus to their internal clients, treating them as external clients. Some of their client focused ideas include: digital labs, client communication process, client friendly internal website, service desk chat tool, and a knowledge bar.  

One of Cargill's biggest tools they have developed to help focus on their clients' needs are personas. Personas guide the discovery, design, and implementation of a product, service or solution. One example of Cargill's personas is, Sally Super User. Sally Super Users persona includes demographics, value drivers, solutions, requirements, constraints, and communication tips.  

We broke out into small groups to discuss the question: What client improvement ideas are you working on? Below is a summary of what was brought to the idea board. 

Client Improvement Ideas

Personas: keep our personality types & create client sterotypes
Chat support
Leadership team reviews, once a month 
Consolidate service desks into one 
Open service desk hours without a ticket, set time to come down and get your issue addressed 
Lunch and Learnseducate clients, get information out in advance  
Self-service tools  
SD Lead + Marketing 
SME for different IT messaging; not always from service desk 
VIP IT Support 
Access to knowledge articles: formal knowledge case attached to ticket system so support person can help the client quicker 
Collaboration coaches 
App Demand Manager 
Client feedback forums 
"How to" help demos  
Email subscriptionslet people decide what communications they want 
Communication on internal web pages 
Emergency help button: special users can click button & get an immediate call back 
"Prime" service: capability for users to pay extra for elevated service  

We hope you found Friday's discussion beneficial and you we're able to walk away with a few key takeaways. Thank you to everyone that was able to attend and for sharing your experiences with the group! 

What client focused ideas have you implemented, and have they been successful? Why or why not? 

You can find the slides from Friday's IT Leadership meeting here 

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Posted by: Anna Wischmann

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