May 8, 2018

IT Leadership Recap: A Digital Transformation Journey

5418 ITL MeetingIs your company in need of a digital transformation?  This may be a question floating around your organization if you have not already taken the leap. For some companies, they have made it through the hardest parts of digital transformation journey and others may not even be considering it at this timeDuring last Friday's IT Leadership group meeting, Jim Graham - VP of Application Development at Prime Therapeutics facilitated a great conversation on his experience regarding the topic: A Digital Transformation Journey.  

Digital transformation (DT) is defined as the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society. How does one begin the digital transformation journeyGraham kicked off the meeting with sharing this video, a motivational way to get those within your company on board for taking a journey that could ultimately change the way your company performs. It's important to start with the grass roots of your organization and create a game plan and a vision of where you want to go. Once you have everything laid out, you can bring your ideas to life. 

Graham outlined Prime's path to getting started. The first step was to recognize the need for change. They felt that with a digital transformation there was a high potential for significant membership growth. The second step was to establish guiding principles. Two of the highest priority principles for them were minimizing disruption and maintaining control. Lastly, Prime assessed the market, one example was comparing their claims processing capabilities against competitors to identify market position on each capability 

As a group we outlined a few key success points as embarks on a digital journey. Below is a list of what was discussed. 

Key Success Points for a Digital Journey 

  • Make sure you have leadership buy in  

  • Create a strong partnership between Business and Technology 

  • When selling to your Leadership and Board it is best to leave as much technical jargon as you can out of it 

  • Staff with a "top level" team, and ensure you get dedicated resources  

  • Lean on external help 

  • Partner selection and management is key  

  • Make sure to establish good planning and tracking processes up front 

  • Creating an elevator speech to speak about your initiative is always needed 

  • Don't forget change management  

  • You are continuously selling  

  • Always welcome continuous feedback

  • There is always room for improvement 

The world is always changing, and companies are always trying to improveOnce you have your goals identified, you're more than ready to take that risk and begin your journey. Be aware, that it may take many twists and turns and there will be ups and downsBut remember to hold on and embrace the journey, it'll all be worth it in the end.  

Where are you at in your Digital Transformation Journey? 

You can find the IT Leadership slide deck here. 

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Posted by: Rachel Cooper

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